About us

ASPIRE is a volleyball training environment whose main goal is to “improve the quality, intensity, technical and tactical abilities” of athletes and coaches that wish to excel in the sport. Our desire is to give an athlete the required “advantage” needed in this day and age to be someone special in the sport of volleyball.

For athletes that are involved within our programs on a longer term basis, we will help them to develop the total package for volleyball (including nutrition, mental, physical, and video development and analysis). Parents can be involved in the athlete’s development through meetings and will be asked to supervise and assist their daughter/son in regards to non-court training activities. Our sessions will give constructive feedback, measured testing, discussion on setting and measuring goals, and one-on-one attention to detail that cannot always be given within a team situation.

2021-08 ASPIRE Coach Appreciation
2021-08 ASPIRE Coach Appreciation

The ASPIRE Warehouse is family friendly with programs for six year olds to adults – including individual, small group, school team, club team, post-secondary and recreational athlete training.

Throughout our training we will endeavor to follow the Canadian and Alberta Volleyball’s “Long Term Athlete Development” principals and foster the skills taught for Technical training that are included in their manuals for coaching development. Our hope is to develop athletes that contribute and excel within aged club teams, colleges, universities and eventually the Canadian National programs. We feel that we can give athletes that “edge” that is needed to develop and excel in the competitive volleyball arena.

Welcome to ASPIRE!

Dr. Lorne Sawula and Christy Hansen
Co-Founders of ASPIRE Volleyball Training

Sejong Multicultural Center

The Facility

Sejong Multicultural Center

The ASPIRE Volleyball Training Facility is located @ 2503 Ellwood Drive SW, Edmonton, AB inside the Sejong Multicultural Center.

the gym

The converted hall was laid with ShockTower Flooring and Underlay to provide a playable, hard court.


ASPIRE ensures that all athletes can practice with the equipment they need at their level and is equipped with the following:

  • Approved Volleyballs for every age group
  • Skill Attack Serving Macine
  • Hitting Boxes
  • Blocking Boards

Coaches & Staff