Grade 7-12 Setters COED

development / ELITE

These sessions introduce the position of setting to athletes who are looking to adjust to this position in the future or who have a curiosity in learning this very technically inclined skillset.

  • Great for developing athletes
  • Recommended that this camp is for athletes who have not yet played club or who want more technical instruction however ALL ARE WELCOME.

Camp Highlights Include:

  • Movement – introduction to movement skills and proper body mechanics

  • Skills – introduction to setting (hand movement, squaring up, body position, strategy, positioning on court)

  • System – athletes will get the basic fundamentals that identify and acknowledge the important role of a setter and how they function on a team.

All clinics will combine teaching / review of skills, repetitions and modified games to apply skills learned.

These session introduce skilled athletes to the setter specific position higher than what they might be used to playing at their current level. Athletes will be pushed to perform and play the game at a level where control, precision and strategy come into effect. Sessions will review fundamentals and simulate gameplay in drills that require speed, intensity and discipline.

  • Great for competitive athletes playing as setters or athletes who may need to set on their teams (middles/RS/Liberos)
  • Recommended that this camp is for athletes who have played club or school on their respective senior teams.
  •  Reps, Reps, Reps. We will tweak the athletes efficiency and movement to the ball. We will cover semi’s, 53/51’s, back sets, tight ball setting, bad ball setting.

ELITE Prerequisites

  •  2-3 years of volleyball experience at a competitive team level (club team or school team)
  • Skill Level – consistency and CONTROL in all fundamental skills to target (passing, setting, hitting, serving, etc.)
  • General Volleyball Intelligence – beginning to put together the technical and tactical aspects of the game in practice and in games
  • Coachability – desire and willingness to improve, develop and accept change or move out of their comfort zone

LocationASPIRE Training Facility – located at 2503 Ellwood Drive SW inside the Sejeong Multicultural Center

Please bring clean indoor running shoes, comfortable gym clothes and a water bottle to the camp each day (kneepads are recommended for athletes and you can discuss this with your coach on the first camp day if unsure of what/where to purchase them)

Setter Development

Note: If the link takes you to a No Appointments Available Page, please just email to get onto the waitlist.

Setter ELITE

Note: If the link takes you to a No Appointments Available Page, please just email to get onto the waitlist.

Grade 7-8 COED Development

Date: Fri, Aug 27, 2021
Time: 5:00-6:20pm
Cost: $30 + GST

Grade 7-9 COED ELITE

Date: Fri, Aug 27, 2021
Time: 6:30-7:250pm
Cost: $30 + GST

Grade 9-12 COED Development

Date: Sun, Aug 29, 2021
Time: 11:00-12:20pm
Cost: $30 + GST

Grade 10-12 COED ELITE

Date: Sun, Aug 29, 2021
Time: 12:30-1:50pm
Cost: $30 + GST

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Small Class sizes ensure our player to coach ratio is small and every athlete can receive the attention they deserve