Going into Grade 7-9

Camp Description:

These sessions introduce the next level of play for young, emerging athletes who want move complex volleyball instruction.

  • Movement – introduction to movement skills and proper body mechanics

  • Skills – introduction to fundamentals including serving, passing, setting, hitting.

  • Modified Game Play – ASPIRE’s philosophy is to “learn volleyball by getting inside the game”. This means that our training objective is to link newly taught or refined volleyball skills to game play. This training approach allows athletes to get the edge on learning the sport of volleyball and to experience skill success within game play.

Intro Classes:
New to sport of volleyball or minimal experience
Minimal to no experience with volleyball terminology (forearm pass, set, hit/attack, serve) and performing fundamental skills 

Team Prep Classes:
1 or more “Beginner” ASPIRE Sessions or experience on a team or other camps
Better control of fundamental skills to a target (forearm passing, setting, attacking)
Understand how to move to the ball to make controlled contacts to a target
Game play experience involves 3 contacts (Pass/dig, set, attack)

Club Prep Clases:
All Team Prep Pre-Req’s as well as;
Advanced fundamental skills to target – passing, setting, hitting with control to a target
1+ years of Game Play Experience with a solid base understanding of volleyball strategy on defense and offense

Weekly Camps - Developmental

Weekly Camps - Positional

Week Long Camps - Developmental

Week Long Camps - ELITE