Grass/Beach Week Long

Skills & Play will help athletes stay in peak physical, mental game play condition and learn  and improve specific beach skills along with the rules of the game.  These sessions will encourage you to become a well-rounded athletes who can serve, hit, dig and block. Sessions will help with:

  • Grass and Sand Volleyball Play!
  • 2v2, 4v4 and 6v6 games plus modified game play (if restrictions allow)
  • agility and confidence, reaction speed, vertical power, strength and stability, conditioning, strategy, mental toughness and game-play (if permitted)
  • skill instruction and refinements
  • Fitness: 30 min, Beach Skills: 1.75hr, Grass Skills: 1.75hr, Mental Training: 30 min, Lunch Break: 30 min


  • open to 11-16 year old athletes
  • 11-16 Skill Level – consistency in linking all fundamental skills to target in system
  • General Volleyball Intelligence – ability to put together the technical and tactical aspects of the game in system
  • Coachability – desire and willingness to improve, develop and accept change or move out of their comfort zone

Other Info:

  • Sand Courts: Socks or sand socks recommended but not necessary
  • Grass Courts: Shoes are recommended!
  • No Free Parking Available – Passes can be purchased
  • No access to water – please bring enough with you
  • No Washrooms, or change rooms or seating (Porta Potties Available)
  • Sessions are RAIN  or SHINE – please come prepared to play! Click below for weather updates