Through the Eyes of a Coach 2016


“Volleyball – Through the Eyes of a Coach” 2016 Clinic
As a parent of a volleyball player, have you ever silently (or sometimes not so silently) questioned a coach’s selection of team athletes at a tryout, their line up for a set, their decision to make a player substitution, their choice in practice drills, etc.? ASPIRE wants to help parents understand what a coach believes it takes for athletes to be successful, lifelong volleyball players. As such, we invite you to join fellow parents as we address your questions/concerns regarding how to be successful supporters of volleyball athletes. Our discussion will be moderated by ASPIRE's own Dr. Lorne Sawula. Refreshments will be served.
Topics Presented and Discussed will include:
How a Coach makes Athlete Selections
  • for a team; for the starting six; for team captain, etc.
How a Coach Plans a Season
  • determining developmental starting point for each athlete; establishing and measuring goals for each athlete (season and long term)
  • deciding on formations for game play based on team strengths/weaknesses
  • planning practices and tournament strategies to meet team goals; what should go on at a practice?
  • the role of physical training in conjunction with volleyball skill development
The Role of the Coach
  • putting skills practiced into action at tournaments
  • do’s and don’ts for coach-athlete interactions – evaluation of players, how to provide constructive feedback, and how to facilitate learning
  • using age appropriate mental principles applied to volleyball training
  • do’s and don’ts for coach-parent interactions
The Role of the Parent
  • do’s and don’ts for off-court discussions with athletes
  • understanding the rules of the game as they apply to position specific play
  • understanding simple formations for defense and offense – what should be happening on the court?
  • how to support the coach’s goals
  • how to advocate on behalf of the athlete
Different Clubs for Different Athletes
  • development and progression of athletes in a club; relationship between parents, athletes and coaches in a club
  • what does the club offer?
  • why elite athletes must physically train
  • advantages of using video and technical training
  • role of Volleyball Alberta in athletes' development and control of club development, provincial programs, etc.
What Happens after “Graduating” from Club Volleyball?
  • playing on a university or college team – scholarship opportunities
  • volleyball curriculum vitae (CV) - how it can aid your athlete
  • stay in Canada or go to the US? – understanding both environments
  • Edmonton’s recreation league
  • giving back to the sport
Sunday, November 20, 2016 - 4:00-6:30 PM
$15 per attendee (includes GST)
Light Refreshments will be served.

Clinic Location: The ASPIRE Volleyball Training Centre - MAP