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Fall 2020

Introducing our ASPIRE Invite Cohort

Combination of Technical Volleyball Training PLUS Strength and Conditioning through Goliath High Performance.

See below for a general layout of all our INVITE camps...

ASPIRE Invite Training

Fast-paced, intensive and demanding training ...
For the "Next Generation" of competitive female volleyball athletes. 

  • Our list of amazing coaches is never-ending but be sure to note that all camps our led by our professional staff who have any or all of the following experience:
    • Olympic / (Inter)National Team Coaching / Playing Experience
    • Post Secondary Coaching / Playing Experience
    • Club Volleyball Coaching Experience
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  • To re-institute a training process that was started 9 and 10 years ago by ASPIRE. If athletes are given more opportunities to train at a high level with similar ‘aspiring’ athletes then development should be enhanced. This will allow athletes to become part of the “Next Generation” of players who will move on to Provincial, College and University teams. It is not just a “SKILL DEVELOPMENT CAMP” but also a camp to learn “GAME” skills while in an offensive and defensive team situation. 
  • Athletes should already be able to perform on the court, in a team situation, with the potential to want to improve their skills through pressure situations. Athletes need the drive, determination and desire to “MAKE MISTAKES" while they are learning. We want our participants to go outside their comfort zone and have the desire to try, sometimes, a different way to improve their level of play.
Volleyball Training
  • Drills will be team oriented with new attack and defensive skills being experienced throughout the camp by all involved. These will be taught in a team situation. 
  • Training will be fast paced, intensive and demanding.
Fitness / Strength & Conditioning Training:

  • ASPIRE has teamed up with Goliath High Performance to emphasize that Volleyball is not only about technical skills training.
  • ASPIRE and Goliath are proud to offer a High Performance Training environment for any volleyball players looking to take their game to the next level. Need to get stronger? Check. Jump higher? Check. Move faster and more efficient? Check. How about some on court technical work in either an individual, small or large group settings? Check! This is the total volleyball athlete experience for elite high performance.
Camp Audience:
Pre-requisite Camps:

Previous INVITE Setter, Back Row or Front Row Clinics
  • ASPIRE Coaches will recruit athletes believed to have the potential to benefit from this level of intense training. Invited athletes will include up to 10-12 athletes only. (Note: LS's and RS’s may share both positions if we cannot find the right mix of required athletes).
  • Athletes or their parents are also invited to express their interest in attending our invitational camp if they have not been contacted in advance, but have an interest to attend. Simply provide us with some background info (include information about your age level of play, position of play, height, spike jump, block jump and contact information for you and your club coach) as soon as possible, and we will contact you to discuss eligibility (Fall 2020 Application Form).
  • If your athlete is not selected - be sure to check out our ELITE level development camps for your age group

Customized Training:  Click Training Offered for details about ...

Private / Semi-Private / Small Group Training +
"Volleyball on Wheels" (Team Training @ your gym) Opportunities
Let us know your training goals and preferred dates and times and we’ll work from there to best accommodate you with customized training. 

For those athletes who have attended ASPIRE private, group, or larger clinic/camp sessions in the past,
we encourage you to come in small groups of 2 - 4 athletes for training. Small groups provide the opportunity
to link some of the skills you have acquired, through modified game play training situations. 

Daytime training is available - great for home schooled athletes and high school athletes who have spares in their schedules. 
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Looking for Coaching Advice? Click Coach Mentorship for full details ...
As coaches ourselves, we recognize that coaching can be an isolating experience - Who can you bounce ideas off of? Who can offer skill development advice when you have an athlete that’s stuck or a play that isn’t working? How can you change the course of a match at the spur of the moment? ASPIRE coaches are here to help.