CLUB CLINICS - ASPIRE Skills & Play 2019
(For Females and Males Age 12-18 with Club Volleyball Team Experience)

CLUB CLINICS - ASPIRE Skills and Play is being delivered by ASPIRE and Head Coach Grachella along with ASPIRE Coaches and Various Invited Guest Coaches. 

The volleyball clinics are geared for athletes who are preparing for club try-outs in the 2019/20 season.

This Clinic is geared for female and male athletes who have played the sport competitively or have started training for the sport and for club season.  Athletes are expected to practice the way they play, to continually asked to challenge themselves and to challenge each other throughout the duration of the clinic.

To maximize improvement, we will try to group athletes of the same CLUB AGE and sometimes ability and experience.

Each clinic will be 2 hours in length.

Clinics will be similar to ASPIRE Skills and PLAY and will include:  
  • Volleyball Skills, Drills and Game Training
  • Skills Improvement and Refinement of:
    • passing, defense, serve, serve receive, attack, block, game play strategies.
  • Volleyball related handouts will also be provided during the clinic (for example - tryout tips, parent tips, etc)
** You can request to attend the older age group or younger age group via email ( if that time works better for you and we can assess it per athlete.  You can also request below to attend both sessions for extra training (this will only apply if we have open spaces)

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as well!!

ASPIRE Skills and PLAY Club Clinics 2019
Club Age Group for 2016/17DateTimeClub Clinic Description (Approx. Timelines) - Subject to CapacityLocationCostRegistration (Click the ACUITY Logo to Register)WAITLIST (Click the ASPIRE Logo to be put on the Waitlist if Registration is FULL)
Age 12-14
Males & Females
Sun., Nov. 24
10:30am - 12:30pm~40 Min: Focus on specific technical skill training w/ stations for each skill. Maximizes touches, instruction and feedback.
~20-30 Min: Combination drills
~30 Min: 6 vs. 6 Game Play geared for U13/U14/U15 systems of 4-2, 6-2 - TRIPLEBALL
Strathcona High School
(10450 72 Ave NW - click here for MAP)

*Please use Entrance by the Track
$60 + GST

Age 15-18 Males & FemalesSun., Nov. 241:00pm - 3:00pm~40 Min: Focus on position-specific training ~20-30 Min: Combination drills ~30 Min: 6 vs. 6 Game Play -Mostly a 6-2 system but will touch on 5-1Strathcona High School 
(10450 72 Ave NW - click here for MAP)

*Please use Entrance by the Track
$60 + GST

Not sure if this program is right for you? Interested in being put on a wait list? Contact with your inquiry.
CLUB CLINICS - ASPIRE Skills & Play will take place at the Strathcona High School (10450 72 Ave NW - click here for MAP)