CLUB Team Training

ASPIRE is pleased to offer CLUB Team Training contracts for teams who are looking for extra help on an on-going basis. Whether it is 4 training sessions that you need or 20 sessions and a mentorship - ASPIRE will do all they can to help your club suceed.

Each program will be designed specifically for your club team and your needs by Dr. Lorne Sawula and ASPIRE Coaches.

What We Offer:

  • Coach Mentorships - ASPIRE coaches will be on-call for any advice or help in planning, organizing and implementing ideas or training for your team.
  • Team Training - ASPIRE will organize and run position clinics or general team training if your team is in need of extra contacts.
    • Small Group Training - These sessions bring three to six athletes together to work on a variety of fundamental or advanced skills with linkage for certain cyclic parts of offense and defense. Sessions deliver intense customized training based on the needs of the group and the individual.
    • Specialized Large Group Clinics/Camps - These clinics deliver volleyball instruction for athletes aged from youth (9-12) to adult (including recreational). The sessions will be for larger groups of 12-30 athletes of all skill levels. Each clinic focuses on the one or more of the major skills needed to learn and play volleyball. Athletes may register for clinics which will be applicable to their present skill levels. Additionally we will be glad to design and structure clinics for specific needs of a club, group or team.
    • "Volleyball on Wheels" / Team Training - Team training is available for 10+ athletes. A minimum of two hours of training is typically provided by one ASPIRE Coach in the home facility of the Team requesting the training or at the Aspire Warehouse. For out of town training, mileage and meals will be factored into the training fees.
  • Video Analysis
  • Mental Training - Access to a number of professionals in the psychology field who work with volleyball athletes every day.
  • Fitness Training - We have access to Certified Personal Trainers who are also NCCP certified volleyball coaches.
CLUB Team Training Contracts will be priced on a case-by-case basis depending on your team/club needs. 

Please contact ASPIRE by email to inquire.