ASPIRE Training

Why should you choose ASPIRE Volleyball Training?
  • Private gym with no "onlookers" = a non-intimidating training environment, great for self-conscious, emerging, young athletes
  • Small class/clinic sizes = lots of individual attention
  • Private training offered in the daytime, evenings and weekends
  • Coaching excellence
  • Coaches who are genuinely interested in volleyball athlete development and who enjoy uncovering an athlete's potential
  • Coaches who are great volleyball resources and accessible to local area athletes all year long

Private/Semi-Private Training Sessions
These sessions are customized to the needs and schedule of the athlete. Sessions are very intensive and provide the maximum learning environment. The private training sessions can be for one athlete or even two when the athletes' skill levels can complement each other. Single athlete training is best for refining skills, learning new skills, getting more multiple repetitions or solving athlete specific problems. Sessions for two athletes are geared to those who need to work in tandem for on-court success (ex. setter and middle hitter), or for two athletes who need to work on similar skills (ex. two right-side hitters).  Athletes should be of similar skill level in order to take advantage of this situation.

**See Pricing for Aspire's Fee Structure or BOOK A SESSION!**

Cancellation Policy
Please note that Training Sessions may only be cancelled, with payment refunded (-$20 Admin Fee), if ASPIRE is given a minimum of 24 hours of advance cancellation notice. All cancellations thereafter will be subject to the Full Coaching Fee. Also, our coaches will only wait 10 minutes following a scheduled training session start time before deeming a training session cancelled due to an athlete(s) “no show”. ASPIRE Volleyball Training pays its coaches for time/commitment to a training session, so please give us the courtesy of cancellations with at least 24-hour advance notice and take travel time into consideration so that you arrive at your training session on time. Thank you.

Small Group Training Sessions
These sessions bring three to six athletes together to work on a variety of fundamental or advanced skills with linkage for certain cyclic parts of offense and defense. Sessions deliver intense customized training based on the needs of the group and the individual.

Specialized Large Group Clinics/Camps
These clinics deliver volleyball instruction for athletes aged from youth (9-12) to adult (including recreational). The sessions will be for larger groups of 12-30 athletes of all skill levels. Each clinic focuses on the one or more of the major skills needed to learn and play volleyball. Athletes may register for clinics which will be applicable to their present skill levels. Additionally we will be glad to design and structure clinics for specific needs of a club, group or team.

"Volleyball on Wheels" / Team Training
Team training is available for 10+ athletes. A minimum of two hours of training is typically provided by one ASPIRE Coach in the home facility of the Team requesting the training or at the Aspire Warehouse. For out of town training, mileage and meals will be factored into the training fees.

Refer to our CLUB Team Training page for more information on the above or training at ASPIRE.

**See Pricing for Aspire's Fee Structure or BOOK A SESSION!**

ASPIRE Camps & Clinics

See our News page for current camp and clinic offerings!

Athlete Preparation Training Clinics
These clinics will be offered for Club, Provincial, Educational (university, college) or National team volleyball program preparation.

Skill Development Programs (Weekly Year Round Clinics for Grades 2-9)
These clinics will be offered for club athletes and athletes who want to refine their skill during the year on a weekly basis.

Camps (Summer, Spring Break - Week Long)
These camps will be offered all summer for a range of age groups and skill levels - ELITE Camps will be by invitation only.

Skills & Fit will be offered usually after the summer so that athletes are prepared and in tip-top shape for the school season.
Weight Training Programs will be offered year round @ the NAIT Strength and Conditioning Lab

Mental Training
Mental training will be offered year round.

Beach Training
Beach camps will be posted in early March and the season runs from May to August.

See our News page for current camp and clinic offerings!

**Cancellation Policy**

Camps/Clinics:        For more than 24 hours notice, a 20% fee will be charged.  If less than 24 hours notice is given, the full amount is forfeited                                    unless otherwise noted on the EZregister registration page for each camp/clinic.

Refund Exception:   If an athlete must cancel due to illness or injury, a doctor's note must be provided and the full fee amount (-2.9% PayPal fee)                                    will be refunded.

If you would like more information about our fees or would like to book a training time, please 
send an email to with full details regarding your requested training
(athlete name, age, parent name, phone number, training needs, along with dates/times that fit your schedule). 

For details about our training facility, click on ASPIRE Volleyball Training Centre