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Beach Testimonials

Beach volleyball and Aspire Beach gave my daughter Susie the opportunity to play volleyball beyond the school and club seasons, all while enjoying the sunshine. The Beach Fit workout kept her body strong and even developed new muscle groups. She was able to maintain friendships into the summer and enjoyed the experience that comes from playing with new friends as well. Beach volleyball is a total workout that is more like play.
~ Patti MacNeil (parent)

Our daughter Kate enjoyed her first full beach volleyball season with Aspire last summer. The coaching was excellent and focused on both basic and advanced game play. The coaches also spent a lot of the time on the court reinforcing all of the skills necessary to succeed on both the beach and the indoor court. There was plenty of one on one coaching for every child who attended. Kate’s game improved significantly over the beach season. Her passing ability, foot speed, and her anticipation of the play in improved immensely and prepared her for having a very successful school season of indoor. She is definitely going to attend again this summer and is already looking forward to the sand (and the sand socks! It can get cold out there!) 
~ Wayne and Dana Molengraaf (parent)

Beach season 2015 is fast approaching. I just want to pass along my deepest appreciation to Coach G ( Grachella Garcia ) for introducing my daughter Reinali to beach volleyball 2 years ago. She has not stopped training since then, playing at all of the youth beach tournaments, silver medalist at the 2014 youth Beach Provincials and placed 5th in Tier 1 for Beach Nationals. Her growth as a volleyball player have significantly increased, both in beach and indoor. I know there's still a lot of room for growth and Reinali is already excited to attend all of Aspire's beach camps and clinics under Coach G! 
~ Calisins (parent)

Hope truly enjoyed her experience with your beach league. She admired how you expected each athlete to bring 100% effort regardless of the weather....after all it was a "beach program". She learned a great deal about beach volleyball and that it really is quite different from indoor, but just as much fun! I totally noticed that having gone through your program that she made remarkable improvement in her ball placement, hang time, passing, court speed, communication on the court, and all around defensive skill set. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Aspire's Beach is very effective! 
~ Beverly Kotun (parent)

I really enjoyed the beach program that I went through. I learned a lot about the beach sport itself and how different it is from indoor. I loved how the skills I learned transferred into my indoor court play improving my court speed, different shots, vertical, and my defense and passing. The girls I got to play with were some of the nicest people I’ve ever met and I enjoyed playing with all of them. I would definitely recommend this beach program and I look forward to attending it again this summer! 
~ Hope Kotun (athlete)

My 15 year old son Trey took part in the beach program run by Aspire and Grachella Garcia last year. He has participated in other beach programs and this is by far the most superior one. His development was remarkable from the beginning of the season to the end of the season. Not only did he learn but he also had fun. 
~ Susan Weinmeier (parent)

Aspire Beach programs introduced me to the game of beach volleyball. Beach volleyball has helped me with my communication skills, ball control, strength, and being able to read the play. It has also improved my serving a lot since you get to serve every other time. Beach volleyball is a very fun sport that has high energy and can be as competitive and intense as you'd like it to be. 
~ Megan Foxcroft (athlete)

The Aspire Beach programs introduced me to the sport. Beach has helped me with so many volleyball skills. Running and jumping in the sand helped me became faster, increased my vertical, and I am now able to read the ball much better in defense and serve receive. It has especially helped me with my communication.
~ Delilah Gow (athlete)

ASPIRE's 2015 Beach Volleyball

How Did ASPIRE's 2014 Beach Volleyball Athletes Do in Competition?

-- Junior High School Provincials --

Mens Results:

Tier 1
11 Liesen/McIntyre
11 Weinmeir/Fox

Tier 2
2  Robinson/Fleming

Women’s Results:

Tier 1
13 Calisin/Molengraaf

Tier 2
1   Gow/Foxcroft
3   Freed/Cheung
4   Pohl/McIntyre
5   Fleming/Dukart
10 Fenton/Kirchner
11 Dimitrov/Klapstein
15 Toal/Norris

-- Volleyball Alberta Tournaments --

U14 Youth 1 Girls
5 Calisin/Diewert
5 Gow/Reimer
5 McIntyre/Scott 
9 Foxcroft/Molengraaf 
9 Dimitrov/Klapstein

U16 Youth 1 Boys
6 McIntyre/Weinmeier
7 Sjerve/Donald

U14 Youth 2 Girls
Tier 1
3   Molengraaf/Foxcroft
9   Calisin/Diewart
10 Dimitrov/Klapstein
11 Reimer/Gow

Tier 2
4 Toal/Norris
9 Freed/Geschel
9 Scott/Welsh
9 McIntrye/Rodil

16 Youth 2 Boys
5   McIntyre/Weinmeir
9   Fleming/Robinson
9   Hinchey/Peters
21 McFadyen/Telasky

U14 Youth 3 Girls
Tier 1 
3   Calisin/Diewert
5   Foxcroft/Molengraaf
10 Geschel/Freed
12 Reimer/Gow

U16 Youth 3 Boys
2 Robinson/Fleming
4 Schang/Deschene

U14 Youth 4 Girls
Tier 1
5   McIntyre/Foxcroft
5   Calisin/Diewert
9   Dimitrov/Klapstein
13 Scott/Donald
18 Toal/Gechel
17 Dukart/Fleming
21 Reimer/Gow

U16 Youth 4 Boys
6 Weinmeir/McIntyre

Girls Provincial U14
Silver Medalist - Calisin/Deiwart 
Bronze Medalist - Foxcroft/Molengraaf 
7th Donald/Scott 
9th Gow/Reimer 
11th Klapstein/Dimitri 
13th Dukart/Fleming

Boys Provincials U16
4th Hinchey/Kaminski
9th Robinson/Weinmeier
9th Deschene/Schang

-- Canadian National Tournament --

Girls Canadian Nationals: U14
5th Tier 1 Calisin/Deiwart 
Bronze Medalist Tier 2 Foxcroft/Molengraaf 
5th Tier 2 Gow/Reimer 

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