Winter 2015 - Wednesday, December 9th, 2015

posted Feb 10, 2017, 6:30 AM by Ashley Lee
Wednesday, December 9th, 2015

"Photo’s from Limon where this photo(below) is from my last session who are keeners in our sport of volleyball. They were aged from 6 to 12 and some older athletes stayed around to help coach them. If you notice in the middle is a little 6 year old kid with an ‘ASPIRE’ T-shirt. They are also holding little volleyball figures from Richard Korbyl and Columbia Awards who donated them for this tour. Most of these kids are off the streets due to Karim’s (their coach in this city) influence and love for the sport. 

Lorne's session in Limon - Lorne pictured far right.

I would hope that we could partner with a club in Edmonton to send volleyball’s, old shoes, T-shirts and uniforms to this community. If we have an interest out there please contact me on my return. It was 30-32 degrees both days and they worked hard to try to improve and we trained almost 3 hours for each of the 3 session.

Today we are off to Liberia about 2 hours away, stay overnight, and then go to another place for Thursday and Friday. The return drive is about 5 hours and I hope there is not the same traffic on the roads that we saw when returning from Limon (4 1/2 hours) which is only 120K from San Jose. Tammy is busy on the beach tour and getting lots of followers.

Limon was settled by Jamaicans who came to help to build the Costa Rican railway in the 1860’s. They are taller than the normal population and if past members of the national team are an indicator they are very important in the athlete base for new members for the national programs. Did you know that Costa Rica was the 3rd country in the world to have electricity used in houses and on the streets. Bet you can’t think of the first two, Canada is not one. No army here since the late 1940’s."


Photos of Limon - 12092015
Photos of Limon - 12092015