Summer 2015 - Tuesday, July 7, 2015 - 8:30 am MST

posted Feb 10, 2017, 6:18 AM by Ashley Lee
Tuesday, July 7, 2015 - 8:30 am MST

Not a great deal from today, especially since our men lost 0-3 to Switzerland. Our U21’s will now be playing for 17-22 positions and even there they will have their hands full. They will have the USA, AUS, CHI  and HKG. There are no weak teams in that pool.

Results Men:

Pool A
1. Chinese Taipei
2. Argentina
3. Czech
4. Korea
5. USA
6. AUS

Korea started to play better in the last few matches showing some good combination play. Taipei was the surprise of the pool . Argentina showed steadiness throughout the competition. USA and AUS are big and good teams but lacked the consistency throughout. Tonight the USA beat Korea but end up still 5th in their pool.

Pool B
1. Russia
2. Iran
3. Thailand
4. Switzerland
5. Canada

Russia dominated this pool with many players over 2.00 m tall and one at 2.17. This is their true National ‘B’ team. Iran plays spirited but tonight was overpowered and over blocked by Russia. Thailand lost in 5 to Iran and have a very good team. Switzerland also showed improved play from other years. The Canadian team has yet to win one set so this next round is critical to their self confidence. I am sure they are learning from these losses.

Pool C
1. Japan
2. Chile
3. Brazil
4. Colombia
5. Hong Kong

Japan surprised me a bit but as a team they have been together now for two summers and are showing good team cohesion and consistency. Chile was the surprise beat Brazil tonight to advance to the final 8. Disappointing was the Brazilians but that is what you get when you arrive the day before their first match and only with 7 players to start. This is why I think that this is the strongest overall FISU to date because this is the first time that a quality team from Brazil has been pushed into the second tier. Colombia did well in their first FISU, improving in every start. Hong Kong gets my vote as the most improved team but size is a weakness for them.

Pool D
1. Ukraine
2. Latvia
3. Mexico
4. Venezuela
5. China

Ukraine may be the team to challenge Russia, or so my friends tell me. I have not seen them play. Latvia is another surprise and have played very well. Mexico and Venezuela both surprised China and end up ahead of the Asian powerhouse. China will be very disappointed.

The 1-8 pool looks like this. Favourites have to be Russia and Ukraine.

For 9-16 it looks like this and the Czech Republic may be the favourites but it is quite open as they have played poorly towards the end of round robin play. Brazil is the team to be but even on their side Thailand will give them problems, if both advance.

For the 17-22 schedule it looks as if Canada got a break having a bye to the second round, again an open pool with the US being slightly favourites.