Summer 2015 - Monday, July 6, 2015 - 7:05 am MST

posted Feb 10, 2017, 6:17 AM by Ashley Lee
Monday, July 6, 2015 - 7:05 am MST 

More details to follow about the big win for CAN women's team ....

Update issued at 11:20 am MST

Photo of Mark Tennant, Co-Chairperson with Melanie Sanford of the FISU Volleyball competition.
Saied is on the left side, he is the Technical Delegate from Iran and the FIVB. 
To Mark’s left is the mayor of Gwangju, Dr. Eom, from Korean Volleyball Federation and someone to his left which I don’t know.

I am just back from my matches in Parma and am watching the feed from the Thailand vs Canada match. Canada has to win to have any chance of moving on to the top 8 in this competition. Canada lost the 1st set 25-19, won the second set 25-14 and then won a close 3rd set 27-25. However in the 4th set they are down 23-19 right now. So here we go again, they probably are in another 5 setter as with Thailand, yes they just lost 25-20. Now If they could win the match they would have 6 points and Turkey would only have 5 points, thus putting themselves in second place. Thailand cannot finish worse than 1st as they will have 7 points, even if they lose. If Canada loses they would 5 points, the same as Turkey. In sets won vs loss they would be 7 & 6 , while Turkey would be 7 & 5. Which I think would put Canada in 3rd place - however, I say at this time I am not a 100% sure of the tie breaking process. Lets just win the match and worry about what will happen after.

Here we go - Canada up 2-1 and now 4-2, maybe that loss last night will help them mentally as they battle through this set. Thailand called a time out but after Canada scored its 5th point to go up by 3 - great. Maybe another run … yes another point … we are up 6-2 - keep it going - another time out by Thailand but Canada puts another point on the board - we are up 7-2 - the exact reversal of last night. Now again we think about the point by point game. Make 1, give 1 .. get a chance and then take 2, even though Thailand is in the situation as Canada last night where they have to win 2 points every time they serve. So if our side out is steady we have the chance…. another point so at the turn we are up 8 - 2 and in control to win this match. I know the players can feel the chance and believe me that last night loss will pay huge dividends in this set. Exchange of points not 9-3 for us… another 1 and 1 so it is 10-4, keep it going girls! 5 more points and Turkey will be in 3rd place. I must of guessed wrong earlier as I think that Thailand just took its second time out… another exchange of one point each 11-5 - that is the way that it is done. No runs against and just playing side out volleyball - great job ladies. Ouch, a run by Thailand, they are up to 7-11 - no problem just one side out away from being in control for sure. Canada time out I am thinking. … steady as she goes ladies… maybe another time out or back row sub . got to change the rhythmn of the match … must of been a glitch but IT IS OVER AND WE WIN 15-8. WONDERFUL JOB EVERYONE. Now that I have said that they are 2nd for sure we have to wait until everything is finalized but I just looked in the handbook for tie break procedures and this looks like the case. If we are on line before things end I will confirm. Another match for Canada that almost went 2 hours. Meg Casault was second in points for Canada with 3 blocks and 13 kills, Dione Lang contributed 3 blocks and 5 kills for 8 points and Jessie Niles had some digs but I don’t know how many.

So the teams in the 1-8 category, a wonderful achievement for Canada as this is a high class tournament:

Pool A
1. China
2. Colombia
3. Chile
4. Korea

Pool B
1. Russia
2. Ukraine
3. Taipei
4. Switzerland

Pool C
1. Japan
2. Brazil
3. Finland
4. USA

Pool D
1. Thailand
2. Canada
3. Turkey
4. Zim

The top 2 advance from each pool. Tomorrow will be a rest day for all the women’s teams and if I read the draw correctly, Canada will play Russia which is a power team and maybe the favourite to repeat from Kazan where they won two years ago. Their next opponent, depending upon how they do will be Japan or Colombia. If they lose to Russia I would think that they would play Colombia as I don’t think they can take Japan, but I have been wrong before.

On the other side China will play Brazil and Ukraine plays Thailand. 

Yes, just saw the draw and what I put forward is correct so matches will proceed as I have listed them. Good chance to finish in the top of the 5-8 side if they lose to Russia. I don’t think that anyone is giving them much of a chance to advance except for themselves. Already they proved to be the equal and better of Turkey and Thailand - both the top 2nd team in their country. For a program that all came together in a short period of time this is a super achievement.

Have a great day - it is a great day for Canada.