Summer 2015 - Friday, July 3, 2015 - 5:15 am MST

posted Feb 10, 2017, 6:15 AM by Ashley Lee
Friday, July 3, 2015 - 5:15 am MST

View from my podium over looking the match court of Hanom University

Today is the second day of match play. Mostly the men have played and I have seen 7 of the matches where I have been on duty. My role is to help the match go smoothly and with out delays or hiccups. On occasion I get to be in charge of each match and basically am able to make decisions on anything that you see in front of me. I have a partner who handles the referee’s and their decisions. I only get involved with their decisions if it affects the running of the match and whether it is played or not. I control everything on the floor from 90 min before the start of the match to 30 min after it ends. It is not without difficulties but that is why they pay my airfare and food and lodging when I arrive. On the whole it is long hours but very enjoyable. We have literally 1000’s of student volunteers who are all anxious to say ‘hello, good evening, how are you, enjoy your stay’ in english and if we answer back in Korean phonetically like ‘an-yo-a-sayo’ they giggle and smile because to try to say hello, or good bye or whatever the context is at the moment you are communicating. I have an interpreter with me all the time that I am at the matches, when I am on duty. They try to handle the communication between myself and the court manager, ball manager, floor moppers, security, doctors, etc.

Our Canadian team suffered another loss today, losing to Thailand, 3-0. This basically puts them out of the final 8 as I don’t think they will have a chance to beat the Russian men. Even though they have 2 more matches to play they now are trying to stay in the 9-16 position level. They are the Canadian Jr team that will represent Canada at the Norceca Jr Championships later this summer. So the experience can only help them, it they continue to battle forward and upward. Our Canadian women start tomorrow against Turkey which I think is a very good team as I got to watch them practice today before my matches started. Then they follow with Zimbabwe and Thailand. I don’t still know which level this team of Thailand’s is at but should know in a day or so.

Korea Men were upset by Taipei, 3-1 which probably was the biggest surprise to date. The rest of the matches were more or less predictable. Brazil Men were pushed by Hong Kong but went down in the end 3-2. Brazil’s arrival was late and they only had 7 players (6 + libero). The rest come later today. They had two players go down with leg cramps and if they would not have continued, Brazil would have lost by default for not having enough players to continue the match. All the men’s team’s I have seen to date are reasonable. There will be two or three levels in the end but, I think, the highest level that I have seen to date. 

Interesting was Colombia Men competing for the first time. At our Preliminary Inquiry meeting they did not have a 2nd set of uniforms so I got a Korea friend to contact a company and had them pay for a second set, which they wanted. Guess this uniform will be a souvenir because they had their names put on the back - in Korean, which excited a lot of the watching fans. It didn’t help them as they lost 3-0 to Chile.

The only women’s match I saw was Russia vs Taipei. Tall and skinny vs small and quick. Guess who wins - sorry but the defense of Taipei was not enough to stop the attack of the Russians who won in the end 3-0. Still it was very nice to watch.

The weather is cooperating and opening ceremonies are on as I send this e-mail, Canada entered and have a big delegation. I will have to find out how many. Tomorrow I only have a simple day with one match but it is the Koreans and Argentina Men at 3 pm. So it should be interesting as it is in the main stadium which seats around 7,500 spectators. I will let you know if it is noisy or not.