Summer 2015 - Friday, July 10, 2015 - 8:40 am MST

posted Feb 10, 2017, 6:20 AM by Ashley Lee
Friday, July 10, 2015 -  8:40 am MST

Well another day and a very hot and humid day. I am so glad we play in air conditioned gyms or it would be a sauna bath. 

Here is Mr. Lee and myself. He was the coach of the Hannil Synthetic team who we played many times in the 80’s. He looks much younger than his age of 72. I remember him in the morning training his players before one of our training games. It was around +3 or 4 Centigrade. All his players had thin gloves on, long training pants, long sleeve shirts, sort of korean hats and here was Lorne and his Canadian girls with the old ‘bum’ hugger shorts, short sleeve training T-shirts and enough breathing out of white clouds in the air which would condense all the windows left in the gym - as there were many windows that were open to the outside and no heat in the gym that was a lot of breathing, believe me. Live and learn.

Coming to an end in a couple of days. Mainly the medal rounds to be played - women tomorrow and men the day after. Our Canadian teams finished today. 

Canadian Women's Team
Our women had a superb tournament, going 5 with many of the teams they played, and today was no different.

Match Duration: 2h07m
Spectators: 2,500

Meg Casault was held to 8 points score, Dione Lang contributed 3 and Niles played in every set as a defensive and serving specialist. As you can see by the scores it was very close and another ‘almost’ win for Canada. Brisebois had her match of the tournament scoring 25 points, I think a team high for this tournament. Perrin also contributed a career best scoring 19 points. Team Canada finishes 6th which was a good or better than the younger national team group that went to Kazan in 2013. It is one of the higher finishes in the last few years. Considering that they had to raise the money to go at the last moment and then also pay some of their airfare themselves, this is quite an accomplishment.

Canadian Men's Team
Our men did not fair as well playing Australia. It was a better match for them and they showed glimpses of learning from this tournament. I guess U21 athletes are not ready to compete with older athletes as it showed in this tournament, but I know they will have learned from their mistakes and will only get better when it counts in the Noreca’s which occur later in August.

Match Duration: 1h42m
Spectators: 450

Canada plays China tomorrow for 19th place in this tournament. Hong Kong is already finished in 21 place.

Upcoming Matches
I will save a little time and just talk about the Bronze and Gold matches coming up for women. It is heavily favoured Russia coming up against Ukraine for Gold. For the Bronze it will be Brazil against Japan and this should be an equal match with speed and defense vs attack and block. I will give the other final results tomorrow.

For the men it will also be heavily favoured Russia (who thrashed Argentina today) against Ukraine (who defeated Chinese Taipei). Taipei and Argentina play for the Bronze medal. Both of the matches will end FISU 2015 on Sunday for volleyball.

1. Yesterday Colombia men’s libero went down with a throat infection - don’t know the reason but he was not allowed to play in his match. They were playing the Czech Republic. They didn’t expect to win because no libero. Somehow they surprised themselves and won the first two sets, went down badly in the 3rd and 4th but managed to win 15-10 in the 5th. Who says middles can’t pass?

2. For our coaches - Brazilian men’s assistant coach was censured today for an angry outburst at linesman after the match. Letters sent to his Head of Delegation and Federation. If outbreak occurs again he is disqualified from 2015 FISU Games, publication of his suspension in Daily Bulletin and sent to all teams, and submission of a written report to the FIVB with copies to Brazilian Volleyball Federation and Brazilian Student Sport Association. Coaches, understand that your action can carry huge consequences if unwarranted. Line calls and referee calls do not warrant you going off the deep end!