Hall of Fame Celebration 2012

Volleyball Canada's Hall of Fame 2012

Mark Tennant  was inducted into the Volleyball Canada Hall of Fame as a builder.

John Przybyszewski retired from the Men’s National Standing Volleyball Team in 2005 as one of the most decorated athletes in Canadian volleyball and international standing volleyball history.

Dr. Lorne Sawula has been a player, coach, administrator and innovator in the sport. 

Coach Lorne with the women he has coached that came to Ottawa to celebrate his Induction

Back Row (L-R): Judy Szepesi; Cory Royal; Anne-Marie Lemieux; Diane Ratnik Cooper; Eileen Nelson (nee Kramchynsky); Monica Hitchcock; Joyce Gamborg (nee Senyk); Karen Moore (nee Fraser)

Front Row (L-R): Tracy Mills; Rachele Beliveau; Heather Sawyer; Lorne, Donna Hoag (nee Kastelic); Sue Dunton; Kristine Drakinch


Surprise Dinner Party
(hosted by Sylvie and Nora)

L-R above: Sylvie Bigras (former Executive Director of Volleyball Canada), Lorne Sawula, Marlene Hoffman (Chair, Volleyball Canada's Alumni and Awards Committee) and Mark Tennant

Olympic Rings

(L - R): Diane - 2 time Olympian '84 and '96; Monica '84 Olympics; Heather Sawyer - National Team '85-88, '95; Guylaine Dumont '04 Olympics - Beach; Eileen Nelson - National Team Member 84-88 and '90; Joyce '84 Olympics and Head Coach, Lorne '84 Olympics

Sightseeing on Parliament Hill 
(Tomb of Unknown Soldiers and the Parliament is in the background)

(L - R): Monica Hitchcock, Diane Ratnik Cooper, Lorne Sawula, Marlene Hoffman, Eileen Nelson, Heather Sawyer, Joyce Gamborg